Fortnite 25.20 update early patch notes: Release date & downtime

The Fortnite 25.20 update is scheduled to be released on July 25, 2023. Here are some of the early patch notes that have been released:

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New weapons: The Lever Pistol and Kinetic Boomerang will be unvaulted in this update.
New Reality Augments: Four new Reality Augments will be added to the game: Pistol Recycle, Scoped, Fire Armory, and Balloon Fall.

Bug fixes: Several bugs will be fixed in this update, including an issue where players could be healed with Slurp Juice after being DBNO, an issue where Back Blings equipped with the Clone Trooper Outfit would appear detached, and an issue causing some Outfits to appear glossy.

Other changes: The Blasted Badlands Venture Season will continue in this update, and there will be new challenges and rewards available.

These are just some of the early patch notes for the Fortnite 25.20 update. More details will be released closer to the release date.

Here are some additional details about the new weapons and Reality Augments that will be added in the 25.20 update:

Lever Pistol: The Lever Pistol is a semi-automatic pistol that fires powerful shots. It has a slower rate of fire than the regular pistol, but it deals more damage.

Kinetic Boomerang: The Kinetic Boomerang is a returning weapon that can be thrown to deal damage to enemies. It will return to the player after being thrown, and it can be used to hit multiple enemies.

Pistol Recycle: This Reality Augment allows players to recycle pistol ammo into crafting materials.

Scoped: This Reality Augment allows players to scope in with any weapon, regardless of whether it has a scope or not.

Fire Armory: This Reality Augment causes all weapons to deal fire damage.

Balloon Fall: This Reality Augment allows players to fall slowly by using balloons.

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